For fun, a list of evil vs neutral or good stuff we do

You know, to keep our moral balance in the right place. SO!


  • Tried to start a brick company to be more environmentally friendly
  • Adopted a baby Ogre
  • Tried to bring prosperity to several towns
  • Tried to give the people of Gault pride in their country again
  • Provided for many families and paid our followers with more than they’d ever earn anywhere else
  • turned a Dragon into an ally
  • helped rebuild a town
  • provided protection to travelling caravans
  • helped take out a local forgers’ guild in a police raid
  • stopped some deforestation of an old forest
  • freed A pack of Griffons from the terror of marauding trolls
  • Left gifts for local Fae
  • freed a slave alchemist from having to work under a wizard
  • befriended and spared local wildlife (tiger packs) around our camp
  • befriended wood giants and told them of the clear-cutting of the forest they protect
  • Saved a town from vampires
  • Saved the Lady Estelwyn from being turned into a vampire

Evil (and I’m not counting people we kill in battle for specific mentions. They will get lumped into “killed innocent such-and-suches”.)

  • Tried to sabotage the wood company creating a monopoly on bricks
  • Killed scores of innocent lumberjacks
  • Killed a special needs man
  • Let a baby Ogre rape and kill enemies to death
  • Let a hobgoblin recruitee torture people to death
  • Tricked a small child into getting killed
  • Burned down Valen and staged it to look like an attack
  • poisoned food supply of a town
  • chopped an innocent mayor in half
  • hacked off the ankles of an innocent lumberjack and planted him so he could feel like a tree
  • set fire to Temple of Ages out of petty revenge
  • forged a massive check
  • made a deal with vampires
  • broke said deal with vampires because of a loophole and then killed them all
  • press-ganged a bard to build us stuff with the Lyre of Building
  • Spread slander and political anger against Andoran in Gault to gain power
  • experimented on people and turned them into veg pygmies
  • robbed a town blind and then abandoned it
  • took forced leadership of two towns
  • Used various amounts and types of bribery

OK so so far we are in the evil side, but not by as much as I thought….

For fun, a list of evil vs neutral or good stuff we do

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