Union of the Serpent

bullet list format

Started Jan 14, year 1 (New Age of the Serpent) (1st day of nas) in saurton (numbers in parentheses are number of days since the beginning)

  • met and determined plans
  • traveled 2 days to Temple of the Ages
  • traveled 1 day to Vallyn
  • Jan 18 (4) travel 1 day to Temple of the Ages
  • Night of Jan 19 (5) hobgoblins attack Temple of the Ages
  • Jan 27 (13) take over town of Temple of the Ages by force, some ran away
  • Jan 29 (15) reach Vallyn, Ace becomes mayor, burn city, kill original mayor and assistant
  • Jan 31 (17) raid forgers guild
  • Feb 7 (24) took a week to start Vallyn recovery, headed back to Temple of the Ages, found it being fortified by the army, killed 2 scouts
  • Feb 8 (25) traveled back to Vallyn, got forged military orders, bought silver signet rings for everyone
  • Feb 9 (26) travel to Orwynne 4 days
  • Feb 13 (30) started buisness in Orwynne, sent for surveyor
  • Feb 20 (37) traveled to Temple of Ages, then returned to Vaylln, fought ankhegs and ogre family, adopted snok, arranged for 10000 gp bribe the ensure Ace stays mayor
  • Feb 22 (39) made banners, traveled 4 days to local lumber camp
  • Feb 26 (43) slaughtered lumbercamp in the night, traveled 4 days to Vaylln
  • March 3 (48) arived at Vallyn, set out to explore woods for ruins
  • March 7 (52) found lumbercamp, destroyed lumbercamp, travel 12 days
  • March 19 (64) started searching for ruins, found them halfway through the day, took 3 days clearing the ruins, traveled 16 days back to Vallyn killed 2 young green dragons on the trip
  • April 4 (80) arive at Vallyn, gave rod to Melchoir the magic shop owner to id (3 days)
  • April 11 (87) spent several days in Vallyn, sent out caravan to sell items (12 days), ordered 20000 gp worth of suplies for Vallyn, Mar and Ace travel 2 days North searching for greenskins, spent 5 days searching.
  • April 18 (94) Mar and Ace head back, survivors from caravan arrive, prepare trap caravan, send out George and Vince to scout the night, but message never reaches them
  • April 19 (95) captured shadow dancer
  • April 22 (98) Jackel, Mar, and Nith return, plan shadow dancer’s execution for the next day
  • April 23 (99) disturbance at front gate, confront enemy party, Jackel turns himself in, teleports to Alma
  • April 24 (100) defeated mercenaries, teleported to Woodsedge in Gault, wait 10 days to buy stuff
  • May 4 (110) travel 20 days to look for griffons
  • May 24 (130) search for griffons
  • May 25 (131) found pack of griffons, convinced 1 to be Nith’s mount
  • May 26 (132) killed trolls to help griffons, traveled 20 days back to Woodsedge
  • June 16 (153) arrived at Woodsedge
  • June 22 (159) spent time training griffon
  • June 23 (160) got followers, left town heading east
  • July 5 (172) defeated roc, celebrated
  • July 17 (184) reached start of mountians picked a place to set up base camp, stay 3 days to set up camp
  • July 20 (187) set out without followers in hunt of item
  • July 25 (192) starting serach for entrance to underground, found centipede and killed it
  • July 27 (194) took control of tower
  • Aug 5 (203) Nith flew 2 days to camp to gather and bring followers, traveled 7 days back, group clears centipede corpse, explore areas around trees
  • Aug 7(205) followers travel 2 days to tower in cave
  • Aug 14 (212) spent a week starting building of camp, befriended dire tigers
  • Aug 24 (222) spent 10 days gathering resources, sent Nith to scout for lumber camp in Andoran, started moving to lumber camp, 8 days out and back
  • Sept 1 (230) set out for main camp (10 days)
  • Sept 11 (240) arrived near main lumber camp, spent 3 days observing
  • Sept 14 (243) assaulted main lumber camp at night
  • Sept 15 (244) headed back for home, (16days), Mar goes after runners
  • Sep 17 (246) Mar catches several runners and heads back
  • Oct 1 (260) got back to base
  • Oct 2 (261) put 2 captives in with russet mold, built most of walls
  • Oct 9 (268) sent out supply caravan, went south to Bybourne (9 days)
  • Oct 18 (277) attacked vampires in the night at Bybourne
  • Oct 19 (278) found vampire nest
  • Oct 20 (279) took out vampires and hunted down leader at nearby estate
  • Oct 21 (280) made deal with lady Estelwyn for 1450/mo for 6 months
  • Oct 27 (286) returned to camp
  • Oct 30 (289) allied with dragon, Mith’raw’nedo, Ace leads 12 troops into Andoran, attacks 2 convoys getting 6000gp (14 days), Nith and Marr look for new allies in forest (26 days), Blackblade recruited 150 people from Clinchy, also 3000gp 4000 food 6000 building (33 days), Guano made potions (33 days)
  • Dec 2 (322) everyone has returned and regroups, spent 1700gp on followers
  • Dec 21 (341) solstice party, Jackel names Nith “Lelwani,” made more permanent residences
  • Dec 22 (342) set out for dwarven depository, 9 days to Carpenden, 5 days to Temple of the Ages, 5 days to mountians, 11 days to Twin Stones
  • Jan 25 (375) took 3 days clearing depository
  • Jan 27 (377) Avaline took some stuff by teleport and returned, will make daily trip transporting more stuff with captian Demue, party will travel to Macridi
Short Summary so far

The Union of the Serpent started out in a tiny town called Temple of Ages in Andoran, and tried to take over; the Baroness using her knack for persuasion by slicing a guy in half. Needless to say, it didn’t work because they called the army on us. Learning from our stupid bad-guy mistakes, we went to another town called Vallyn where we attempted to join in with the local forgers’ guild. (trying to explain forging to Nith was quite interesting). They at first didn’t trust us, so we burned most of the town down and staged it to look like an attack. Ace got the Mayor to sign the town over to him and then we organized a rebuilding effort to make ourselves look good. After a few exploits (including one where we rescued a water djinn and got a magic compass that tells us where to find the things we ask it for) and a failed idea of starting a brick company, Ace/Jackel got captured by Andoran guards and interrogated, leading them to Valen, where we fought an anti-party. We then proceeded to rob the town blind and came to Gault, where we started to ask around about the political situation but got sidetracked and ventured north where we got a Griffon and chased away a wizard from his underground tower, where we took up residence and gained a new member, a gnome alchemist. (somewhere along the line we recruited Avaline (a wizard) and Robin (a bard) and a lyre of building.)

We teleported through the magical tree in the fortress and set up a camp on one of the locations it came out. We then started recruiting people from Gault, telling them it was Andoran’s fault their country was in such shambles. We also ventured to the nearest town in hopes of obtaining food for our troops and ended up befriending forest giants, killing off a vampire coven, and befriending a noble lady (the gnome alchemist ended up leaving to seek her affections and gain power.)

When we got back we got attacked by a Green Dragon who we ended up keeping as an ally. We also recruited Nerrys, a Gaultian tiefling cleric. The Dragon sent us to get the Spork of Gender Bending for his collection at an old Dwarven ruin, where we found a metric f-ton of gold, enough to fund our future plans and feed our steadily growing army.

We are now discussing plans for a political takeover of Gault (and a venture to get the Storm King’s Castle) and then using their resources to take over Andoran, and then the rest of the world.

Also throughout all this, Jackel has developed a soft spot for Avaline and has begun a romantic pursuit of her.


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