A gnome alchemist as obsessed with progress as with breaking the rules of ethics to achieve it.


Bright blue hair tops an older face with eyes that sparkle with madness and the prospect of science. Guano is a master alchemist, able to craft almost anything given time, supplies, and an absence of ethical rules to limit him. His particular area of expertise is in the creating of potions, from flight to invisibility. Though he had been enslaved by a wizard, the Union of the Serpent drove his old master away and he joined them willingly, seeing them having no problem with his experiments. He is desperately trying to concoct a potion that will allow him to survive the inevitable “bleaching” his species endures and is not above using any underhanded and evil way to achieve it.
When the group rescued the Lady Estelwyn from being the victim of a vampire’s scheme, Guano desided it was in his best interest to romantically pursue the noble widower and help her gain power in her country, thus gaining power himself.



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