Baroness Isadora Blackblade

An aasimar with a tongue as silver as her hair and a blade as black as her heart.


A powerful speaker and a sinister liar, the Baroness Isadora Blackblade, robbed of her lands and barony, now seeks to gain all the power in the world for herself and those who ally with her. She holds herself in high regard, so much so that she feels it would be morally wrong for herself to worship a god, because that would be acknowledging that something greater than herself exists. Extremely intelligent, she has great pride in the fact that she never breaks a deal, though she commonly exploits obscure loopholes to obtain what she wants. Those who follow her tend to believe every word she says, and she has such a charm and wit about her as to make herself a fantastic leader and politician, unafraid to use underhanded tactics. She is not above using bribes of monetary of physical fashion either, though prefers to talk someone into doing what she wants. She has a remarkable ability to twist any situation to suit her needs.

One interesting fact about her is that she does not realize she is an aasimar. She believes she is human, having been raised and brought up around them.


Baroness Isadora Blackblade

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