A huge half-orc with a bloody sense of humor and an ego the size of Montana.


Ace is one of two personalities that inhabit the body of a giant half-orc (Jackel is the other). His dark and manipulative sense of humor somehow manages to be extremely effective and allows him to obtain what he seeks after. Though not as verbose as The Baroness, he also manages to recruit many followers by intimidating them and persuading them to join him by showing it’s in their best interest not to have their arms ripped off.

Amazingly, a good number of the Union’s more effective alliances and accomplishments are resulted from Ace’s actions, including gaining a seat in Bybourne’s council and persuading the green dragon Mith’raw’nedo to be our ally instead of our enemy. Ace is a fearsome rhinoceros-riding warrior who wields a trident with terrifying strength, and none can stand before him for long. He employs such battle strategies as boasting of his accomplishments to the point where it demoralizes his enemies, rendering them horrified and more easily dealt with.



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